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Our Services and Capabilities

Heritage Bomanite is a resource for owners, contractors, builders, designers and architects who seek high-quality specialty concrete and construction services. Through one of our three divisions (Poured Concrete, Specialty and Construction), our company has developed the following capabilities:

Imprinted Concrete – Poured Concrete Division

  • Heritage Bomanite has both the resources and experience to stamp virtually any pattern or texture into
    concrete. We have accumulated a vast selection of Bomanite patterns and texture stamping tools, and we
    have the crews necessary to handle any size imprinted concrete project.

Exposed Concrete – Poured Concrete Division

  • In addition to traditional exposed aggregate, we offer Bomanite Sandscape (an exposed sand finish) and
    Bomanite Revealed (which can contain recycled colored glass and colored aggregates). These finishes are non-slip and very unique yet cost effective. They make great pool decks and other public area surfaces.

Polished Concrete – Specialty Division

  • We are certified installers of the Bomanite Custom Polishing system and the Retro Plate system.
  • Equipped with three 70 KVA generators and six commercial grade polishing and vacuum systems, we
    have the capability to quickly clean, grind and polish large expanses of concrete.
  • Prior to polishing existing concrete floors, we can also efficiently remove VCT and other flooring with our
    2,000 lb. ride-on floor scraper.
  • Any polished concrete job can also be dyed to enhance its decorative appeal.

Concrete Hardening – Specialty Division

  • We are certified applicators of Euclid Diamond Hard and Advanced Floor Products Ashford Formula.
  • Equipped with a zamboni-style ride-on auto scrubber, we can treat up to 20,000 SF per day.

Joint Sealants – Specialty Division

  • We are certified installers of Euclid Quick Joint 200 as well as Euco 700.
  • Equipped with two self-contained electric joint pumps, we can quickly install miles of joint fillers.

Stained and Dyed Concrete – Specialty Division

  • Heritage Bomanite has experience with acid, acetone, alcohol and water based stains and dyes, any of
    which can be applied on new or old imprinted or flat concrete surfaces.

Overlays (Cementitious, Epoxy and Terrazzo) – Specialty Division

  • We have extensive experience installing Bomanite Microtop® and Thinset® (cementitious overlays), with
    both imprinted and smooth finishes, as well as Euclid epoxy toppings with both sanded and smooth
    finishes. We also offer polished self leveling cementitious terrazzo 3/8” to ½” thick overlays that can
    include colored rock and glass specified by the customer.

Grasscrete – Poured Concrete Division

  • Heritage Bomanite offers Grasscrete, a continuously reinforced, monolithic, porous concrete that will
    allow grass to grow on its surface, or can be finished with aggregate in the voids. It is typically used in
    emergency vehicle access roads, parking lots and slope containment.

Pervious Concrete – Poured Concrete Division

  • We have the equipment and experience necessary to install large pervious concrete applications.
  • The NRMCA certified four Heritage Bomanite employees as pervious concrete technicians in 2005.

Integrally Colored Concrete – Poured Concrete Division

  • Our company can place and finish integrally colored concrete with any finish.

Concrete Countertops – Poured Concrete Division and Specialty Division

  • We offer both polished and troweled cast-in-place concrete countertops that can be personalized with metal, glass, stone or fossil inlays, as well as with a variety of colors.

Other Specialty Concrete – Poured Concrete Division and Specialty Division

  • Heritage Bomanite has skilled craftsmen that can install any type of concrete element, such as water features, seat walls with cast in place caps, fire pits, conference room or dining room tables, interior walls, fire place mantels, hearths, desk work stations, etc.

Surface Prep, Concrete Cleaning, & Flooring Removal – Specialty Division

  • Using our grinding and floor scraping equipment, we can quickly prep, strip and clean large expanses of concrete, as well as remove existing VCT and other floor coverings.

Logos – Specialty Division

  • Using our experience with acids, dyes, stains and overlays, we can create company logos or other designs in concrete.

Artificial Grass – Construction Division

  • Heritage Bomanite is a certified installer of Tiger Turf brand artificial grass.  Our experience grading for concrete installations and our access to earth moving equipment makes us very good and efficient at installing artificial grass.

Outdoor Kitchens – Construction Division

  • Heritage Bomanite builds custom outdoor kitchens and barbeque islands.  We do not sell or represent any particular appliance manufacturer, allowing our customers to select the appliances that fit their tastes and budget.  We then build the island that contains the appliances they selected.
  • Finishes on the outdoor kitchens can include natural slate or granite, or cultured stone veneers or colored cement plasters.

Arbors and Pergolas – Construction Division

  • Heritage Bomanite can build wood frame arbors and pergolas or can use Duralum Brand aluminum product for a more maintenance free structure.
  • Columns can be finished with stone veneer, plaster, stucco or wood.

Please visit our showroom to view actual installations of the different types of concrete and construction work that we offer.  Heritage Bomanite is the exclusive Licensed Bomanite Contractor between Tulare and Modesto and in the Monterey/Carmel/Salinas/Santa Cruz area.  We will bid projects in other areas on a case-by-case basis.  If you would like to receive a bid for your next project, please contact one of our estimators today!

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Heritage Bomanite is a BBB Accredited Concrete Contractor in Fresno, CA


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Heritage Bomanite is a Bomanite Licensed Contractor
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